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Many say Kenyan coffee is the best there is; we don't think there's any better than our Auction Lot — juicy, complex, sweet, and dazzling.

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For over 100 years the Kenya Auction has been the ultimate meritocracy for coffee, with the top prices awarded to the most exquisite lots, sampled in cupping rooms around the world. Many say Kenyan coffee is the best there is; we don't think there's any better Kenyan coffee than our Auction Lot.

When the crop is at its best, we work with our longstanding partner in Kenya to narrow hundreds of lots down to a select few that meet our standards for perfection. It's an absolute frenzy—we receive samples directly and have only a day to taste, compare, and decide on our bids. With the emergence of private sales, we also purchase from the same august co-ops in the same small bag quantities, and typically at even higher prices.

Our years of experience buying directly from the Kenya Auction gives us an advantage in this competition. Our approach is precision buying at the highest level, and we bid only on the choicest single lots—never stock blends. And though we may walk away with the prize, the real winners are Kenya coffee drinkers who love its juicy, complex flavors, brown-sugar sweetness, and dazzling dark berry aromas.

Citrus, Browned Sugar, Cassis

Cold Brew

Brewing cold from start to finish results in bold, smooth, refreshing coffee with lower acidity than coffee that’s been brewed hot and then iced.

Time: 12+ Hours

French Press

The press pot, or French Press, offers direct infusion for full-bodied coffee. It's an ideal companion for dark roasts, bringing out rich, complex flavors.

Time: ~5 Minutes

Pour Over

Pour-over brewing is a simple way to brew a clean, bright cup. It brings out subtle nuances in coffee, particularly those with bright, sparkling flavors.

Time: ~5 Minutes

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