ePEBO | Siphon Coffee Maker, 8 cup, 1.0 l

Part Number: 31655515 Brand: Bodum

Siphon Coffee Maker, 8 cup, 1.0 l

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Take your coffee brewing to the next level with the ePEBO siphon coffee maker. Part art, part science with a dash of gravity-defying magic, this electric vacuum coffee maker brings a theatrical air to the brewing process. And the results are truly extraordinary.

The siphon coffee brewing method has long captivated coffee enthusiasts, as it ensures that all the precious oils are extracted from the coffee beans. The result is coffee that’s deliciously pure in aroma with a light body and heavenly taste.

Thanks to the glass construction, you can admire the eye-catching brewing process before savoring your coffee. Plus the process uses an integrated filter, ensuring that it epitomizes Bodum’s motto, “make taste, not waste”.

Bodum first introduced siphon brewing in 1950 with the iconic SANTOS. This was upgraded into the popular PEBO, while the introduction of this electric siphon coffee maker ensures a new chapter in this legendary story.

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